Where can our system be build?

Your backyard, a canal, a harbor or even at the city centre in your neighbourhood, everything is possible!

The only thing we need is enough room to place our towers so we can attach the steel cable in between. The maximum space in between the towers is limited to 150 meters.


Before the event we will, together with you, figure out how and where to put the towers. Every location and situation is different, so we have to figure this out every time. If it seems your situation does not meet the requirements, we will always look for different solutions.


And of course the surface is important, for wakeboarding we need water, for snowboarding we need snow, etc.. You are responsible for the organisation of this, if it is within our reach we can always try to see what we can do to arrange anything.


To be sure your place is suited, the easiest thing is contact us, so we can look at the possibilities together with you.