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The system we use has no limitations. The only limitation is your fantasy! There are many options and possibilities possible. Contact us and tell us everything about your idea!



Wherever Pop-up Winchpark is, its an eyecatcher. The two-way system is on almost every location possible. Not only that but  everybody can try, young, and old,  they can all have a blast!

Thats why its a great addition on your event, party or marketing stunt. The two-way can also be used for professional competitions in different sports like wakeboarding, surfing, skateboarding and bmxing.  


Staff and gear

Pop-up Winchpark always comes with its own staff to your event. The staff takes care of the construction, the (safety)instructions and the controls. All you need to arrange is a location, and we do the rest.


The needed gear depends on what kind of event you organize. If you hire Pop-up Winchpark for a watersports event we'll bring the next gear: Wakeboards, funtube, wetsuits, life-jackets, helmets and towels which men can use. If needed we can arrange some changing rooms. Of course our two-way system can be used in many more ways than only wakeboarding or with the funtube. For that we reason we can sit together and check which gear we can arrange and which gear you have to arrange.

We can also arrange obstacles like kickers and rails. If you got other ideas we will always try to see what possibilities there are, different factors like the location and logistics are important. Together we will try everything to make your event a success.



The funtube is a guaranteed succes! Everybody can make a unforgettable ride on this triangular tube, all they have to do is sit down and enjoy the experience! Age doesn't matter for the funtube, everybody will love it. Pop-up Winchpark could offer the funtube with some games, at which the participants will go over a kicker and try to land in between rubber tires. Every tire is worth a amount of points, the one with the most points, wins.



Learn wakeboarding, the quick way!

Wakeboard events are our speciality. We work in small groups, which makes it possible to give everybody a lot of personal advice. Before the participants will go on the water we'll take care that they got the correct gear. Not only the safety gear like helmets and life jackets, but also their wakeboard and wetsuit should have the correct size. As long as the gear is properly chosen, the participants can fully focus on the wakeboarding.


The first practice will be on land. If the participants get to know the movements with solid ground underneath them, the transition into the water will be much easier.


Once in the water our instructors will give some final advice and off they go. If they don't get it and fall, no problem, we'll bring the handle back to them without them having to swim a lot. We'll give some feedback on what went wrong, and they're ready for the next try.

Because of the live feedback there is a lot of progression, and a lot of time to practice.

Its fun to learn and try for everybody this way.


If arranged, we can put some obstacles in the water like a kicker or a slider. This makes wakeboarding a bigger challenge for the advanced wakeboarders and makes the event a even bigger spectacle.