The wakeboardtour

Imagine there would be a way that wakeboarding is possible in a city centre, a mall, camping or festival. On places where nobody has ever heard of wakeboarding, but where they can try it right on the spot. Pop-up Winchpark will try to organize these days together with cableparks and the wakeboard schools. The goal is to give wakeboarding more publicity, and increase the amount of wakeboarders.


Usually the the location of most cableparks isn't at very busy spots, and wakeboarding behind a boat is just expensive. This hinders a lot of people to try and learn wakeboarding. Pop-up winchpark has a solution! The two-way system can be build almost everywhere in no-time. Because of this every canal, river or lake can become a wakepark. A unique new cablesystem that can be build on every location, where people can decide whether to try it right on the spot, even if they don't have any gear with them.


It doesn't matter what age the participants have, wakeboarding is fun and easy to learn! We work in small groups so everybody gets a lot of personal advice. Thanks to our experience as wakeboard instructors and our special developed teaching methods we are sure everybody is capable of learning the ways of wakeboarding. We keep the costs low, in this way there is no reason not to try it.


Learn wakeboarding, the quick way!

Before the participants will go on the water we'll take care that they got the correct gear. Not only the safety gear like helmets and life jackets, but also their wakeboard and wetsuit should have the correct size. As long as the gear is properly chosen, the participants can fully focus on the wakeboarding.


The first practice will be on land. If the participants get to know the movements with solid ground underneath them, the transition into the water will be much easier.


Once in the water our instructors will give some final advice and off they go. If they don't get it and fall, no problem, we'll bring the handle back to them without them having to swim a lot. We'll give some feedback on what went wrong, and they're ready for the next try.

Because of the live feedback there is a lot of progression, and a lot of time to practice.

Its fun to learn and try for everybody this way.


If arranged, we can put some obstacles in the water like a kicker or a slider. This makes wakeboarding a bigger challenge for the advanced wakeboarders and makes the event a even bigger spectacle.