We've got a solution for every event!

With our mobile two-way system which we can put almost everywhere, your event will be even better! It doesn't matter which sport; Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, BMX and all the other sports which can be done with a winch, we can help you out! We got a suitable solution for every situation. 

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Are you organizing an event? Or throwing a party and you need a great eyecatcher?


Pop-up Winchpark can help you out! With our mobile two-way system no place is impossible, the limit is your imagination. 


Everybody can do this, and it is a great addition for you!


Snow, street and water

Winches are used in a lot of extreme sports for quite a long time already. Snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, bmxing and even mountainboarding. Everything is possible!


Curious how that might look like? Check the different uses of winching