Our Team

Niels Pilgram

Niels started as a snowboard instructor in Austria on his 17th. After his first season in the alps it was an obvious choice for him to start wakeboarding in the summer. He started working at a cablepark, and got many contacts in the wakeboard scene. One of those is the Winching Dutchmen, where he learned what a winch is, and everything that is possible with these machines. He has been on many different events with the winches, from that moment on he got the Idea to start Pop-up Winchpark. Because of his knowledge about winches, all the possibilities with these, and his experience as an instructor he is the perfect man Pop-up Winchpark needs.



Alex Hooftman


Alex also started early as an instructor, not on a board but on the ski's. He got his instructor certificates when he was 16, for skiing and snowboarding. In autumn he is working at an indoor ski hall in Holland as a ski- and snowboard instructor. In the summer he as well started wakeboarding and working at a cablepark.

In the winter you find him on the skis, traveling in the alps to ski competitions. Even though the alps are far away, he tries to do as much as possible for Pop-up Winchpark during the winter. When he's not in the alps he's in The Netherlands to give it all for Pop-up Winchpark