The well known two-way cablesystem, but than better.

Pop-up Winchpark works with winches in a whole new way; A mobile two-way system, which can be build at almost every place.


A two-way system contains 2 towers, in between these towers a steel cable is attached. A special designed carrier is running over this cable and is pulled by two winches left and right. Participants can hold on the to a handle which runs from the carrier down. In this way they can get speed, which is necessary in many sports.

This system is also a solution for snowboarding, not only can it be used as a mobile ski-lift. But because of the high topspeed the two-way system can be used in such a way mountains would be unnecessary.


The system can also be used for other sports, to get enough speed on a BMX, skateboard or mountainboard towards a kicker for example. 


Similar systems are used worldwide for wakeboarding. Beginners till pro's, everybody can learn something on a two-way system. Because of the steel cable there is a lot of upward force, this does not only help beginners for a easy and comfortable start, it also helps pro's to get extra height for all their tricks. And if somebody falls, there is always the chance to try again, without having to swim. That's why the two-way system is the most progressive system on the market. 


This system is designed so it's easy to move, and fast to build. The use of our two-way system is therefore not only for big events, but also for smaller events, parties and festivals.